The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board announced they are cutting over 250 jobs from the popular After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) during a budgetary meeting this Tuesday.

The news comes from Chief Academic Officer Brian Kingsley, who explained during the board’s most recent meeting that the COVID-19 pandemic has financially crippled ASEP, leaving them with no choice but to suspend the program.

ASEP services 95 locations while providing over 500 jobs and is the largest licensed childcare provider in all of Mecklenburg County, or at least they were. Those numbers are shrinking fast in the wake of the pandemic, and following the…

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gertrude Stein lived out most of her life in Paris. It was there in the early 20th century that she became enamored with the work of Pablo Picasso. Stein helped propel him into stardom, but she gained as much from Picasso as he did from her. Picasso’s style of abstract art, particularly his use of cubism, is a central element of Gertrude Stein’s own work. In her seminal piece Tender Buttons, Stein flexes her artistic muscles with sprawling, abstract, and at times nonsensical poems that break nearly all grammatical and poetic conventions. One I was drawn…

1995 was a monumental year for music, and not just because the Wu-Tang clan released Liquid Swords. It marked the beginning of the definitive voice in music, Pitchfork. That year, Ryan Schreiber launched the site from his humble basement in Minnesota with no inclination as to what it would eventually become. By 2006, the site was growing rapidly and gaining a reputation as a rising voice in the industry. 9 years later, the site was acquired by Condé Nast the multimedia mega-corporation responsible for some of the most well-known magazines and publications. Pitchfork would now be joining the likes of…

The year’s best in music from the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Ichiko Aoba, Rina Sawayama, and so many more.

Digital and internet based artists are always seeking feedback on their work, but how does this feedback affect them? Is there a secret sauce that makes your feedback better? Or more likely to be used? Well I attempted to find out, sort of.

Crowdsourcing feedback has emerged in the past decade as a popular way for designers and businesses alike to receive broad reactions on products and ideas. Online communities and message boards have been quick to add feedback tabs and sections to capitalize on the possible advantages of crowdsourcing. There has been a fair amount of research done in…

I thought it might be fun to publish some of the poetry I worked on last year during school. None of this has been seen before, all of it is original, some of it I am proud of. This one is titled “thank you W.W.”

Brown, brittle pages float between my fingers

words from Whitman whisper along the pages

telling stories of nature and its wonders

His voice reverberates with ever intricate detail

the world around me comes alive with every breath

of mine

and of his

green leather grasps the words and warms my hands

the whispers cease as I close the doors on the outside world

dead trees leave my cradle for another

we’ll sojourn until the next study

until then I read the words of the world.

I thought it might be fun to publish some of the poetry I worked on last year during school. None of this has been seen before, all of it is original, some of it I am proud of. This one is untitled.

a Gate that always stays open

Trees that stay put and leaves that

change with the seasons

A downhill road that I have traveled before

with friends with lovers with family

the Bridge creaks and crones as I step across it t

he winding Path ahead that takes me exactly where I need to be

When I finish

the Bridge cries out once more upon my exit

the Road is now steep and tiresome the leaves have all fallen

and the Gate stays open

I thought it might be fun to publish some of the poetry I worked on last year during school. None of this has been seen before, all of it is original, some of it I am proud of. This one is called “Edisto.”

By quiet waves lapping the shore

Wind whispering sweet nothings into my ears they never cease

Because the soft sand between my toes

Because the shells I shift through to find treasure

Because the sky is the color I painted my room at nine

a soft color that reflects the calm waters

Because the rolling dunes fall…

The pop superstar pivots once more to the most quiet and intimate release of her long career, for what is ultimately a mixed bag.

In 2020, the concert halls, clubs, and stadiums that are usually filled with screaming fans and touring artists sit empty, collecting dust. But the pause on tradition hasn’t stopped some of the biggest artists in music from releasing original material. Now it seems that the isolation of our new abnormal has inspired the biggest pop star on the planet to pivot entirely once again, in a poetic reversal, from pop star to indie singer-songwriter. Folklore marks Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album to date and and an all new direction for her as an artist. …

Dua Lipa’s sophomore album delivers in some aspects, while failing to be truly inventive or boundary pushing.

Tap through a few Instagram stories and you’ll most likely see a bevy of Spotify shares of the new Dua Lipa album Future Nostalgia. After listening it’s no surprise why, Future Nostalgia is the kind of music everyone can get behind, the throwback instrumentals and non offensive vocals make for perfect playlist fodder. That’s not to dismiss the album entirely though, Dua Lipa’s commitment to the 80’s synth pop aesthetic both in sound and in looks is commendable. The use of these song styles makes for a much more enjoyable album than most mainstream pop in the 2010s. The best…

henry long

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